You do not need to take any additional steps; we will do this for you throughout the payment process. & ensure you have a hassle-free experience.
Yes, the funds in your unused accounts have an expiration date and must be used within 365 days. Suppose a user does not use the funds deposited in their unutilized area within 365 days of crediting 11players. In that case, they may forfeit the funds without liability or obligation to compensate you.
Go to 11players tab -> Select a match, Now you can click on "Add team" and create teams, or you can select a contest and then click on "Register team", where you will be prompted to select the existing group or create a new team.
If you didn't receive a confirmation email after registering, then the chances are that you entered an incorrect email address; please contact the Support team via the helpdesk to rectify the situation.
11players uses third-party payment gateways that have been validated and go through a series of security checks to ensure that all transactions on our site are safe and secure.
It will only show your past 15 days of transactions (Amount Added, Winnings, League Joined, etc.). If you have any questions about your transaction, please contact our support team within seven days.